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11 Tips to Help You Post More Consistently

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这篇文章是基于第101集of the ProBlogger podcast.


However, knowing you need to be consistent is one thing. Actually posting consistently is another. So to help keep you blogging for years to come, here are 11 tips to help you blog more consistently.


Many bloggers start out with good intentions about how often they’ll post. “I know all about this topic, so it should take any more than a few hours to write each post. That means I can publish five times a week and still have the weekends to myself.”


You’re much better off publishing consistently but less often than to promise something you simply cannot deliver. Even if your readers don’t realize you’re publishing less often than you said you would, the fact you’re not delivering on your promise will dishearten and possibly demotivate you.

Try writing a few posts and see how long they take, and work out your schedule from there.

2. Generate as many ideas as you can ahead of time

要保持一致,您需要充分利用您的时间。这意味着了解你将写作的内容you sit in front of the keyboard. The last thing you want to be doing is trying to come up with an idea when you should be writing.

理想情况下,您应该有整个思想列表,您可以选择。并创建这样的列表,您需要使用一些时间来提出它们。(不知道如何想出他们?Here’s a post that will help。)

And keep making time for these brainstorming sessions whenever your list of ideas is getting short.




And like most disciplines, the more you do it, the easier it becomes.


As much as you might think your first draft is perfect, chances are you can make it even better by editing it. It’s a chance to not only fix up any embarrassing, typos, but also to tighten the opening, make the transitions smoother, and even give it a better headline.


And if you need some pointers on how to go about polishing your posts, we have一个帖子比可以帮助你也是。


Whatever niche you’ve chosen, chances are some posts will be easier for you to write than others. So make a note of the types of posts you can create quickly, and use them to give yourself a bit of breathing space when you need it.


  • reader discussions
  • 民意调查
  • 读者挑战
  • link posts
  • archive/’best of’ posts
  • interviews.

You can also invite other people to write guest posts for you.

And depending on how often you’re posting, you could create a schedule where you publish particular post types on particular days – reader discussions on Mondays, link posts on Tuesdays, reader challenges on Fridays (so they can work on them over the weekend), and so on.


Speaking of schedules, another great way to post more consistently is to create an editorial calendar.

在一个基本级别,它可以帮助您提前规划您的帖子,以便您可以看到截止日期,并且当您需要通过它们编写时。但是一只编辑历还可以帮助您了解您可以在以前的帖子中建立的位置,以创建一个系列 - 这是一种很好的方式将读者挂在博客中

And if you use an application such as CoSchedule (which we use for both ProBlogger and Digital Photography School), you can even schedule your posts to automatically publish at a particular time on a particular day.

Which is especially handy when you…


When you sit down at the keyboard to write, it can often take a bit of time to get into the flow. But once you’re there, the writing suddenly becomes a lot easier.


当你堂e writing (and polishing) them, you can add them all to your editorial calendar in one hit.



所以不要为他们写它。相反,为您认识和关心的人写它 - 您的读者。


所以为你的观众做出写作。如果你不确定他们是谁以及他们有什么问题,它是time to find out


Another tip is to remember why you created your blog in the first place.

虽然有些人为唯一的目的创造博客,但才能带来交通(作为我mentioned last week不是一个好主意),大多数博主旨在创造有意义的内容,可以以某种方式改变人们的生活。这是他们的“为什么?”


And that’s one of the greatest feelings in the world.




For me, podcasting was a game-changer. Not only did it help me reach a new audience who prefer listening to reading, it also brought a lot of energy to my content creation.

And with Facebook Live and YouTube, you can now add video to the mix.

So if your energy is starting to wane, it may be time to try something new.

11. Be spontaneous


Sometimes you come across a piece of news that’s practically begging to have a post written about it. It’s as if you’ve been given a gift.


(Whether you publish it as a ‘one-off’ event or adjust your editorial calendar to accommodate it is up to you.)

So while planning will certainly help you more consistently in the long run, don’t be afraid to change those plans occasionally.


Photo by Jason Jarrach on Unsplash

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